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2021 Houston Easter Invitational Tournament Rules

Easter Invitational Tournament Rules

• 6 points for a win
• 3 points for a tie
• 0 points for a loss
• 1 bonus point per goal (3 max)
• 1 bonus point for shutout
• A Forfeit is scored 1-0 and counts as 8 qualifying points

U6-U7 (4v4) 20 min halves
U8-U10 (7v7) 20 minute halves
U11 – U12 (9v9) 25 minute halves
U13 – U14 (11v11) 30 Minute halves
U15 - U19 (11v11) 35 minute halves

There are no quarter-final or semi-final games in this tournament. Below will explain how each of the finals
will be determined based on the bracket size:
• Bracket of 4: Played as a single group of four teams in a round robin format, the two teams
accumulating the highest points will play a final game for the championship.
• Bracket of 5: Played as a single group round robin format. The team accumulating the highest
points will finish as Champion.
• Bracket of 6: Played as two groups of three teams. Each team will cross over and play the three
teams in the opposite group. The two teams accumulating the most points from either bracket will
play a final game to determine which team is the champion.
• Bracket of 8: Played as two groups of four. The winner of each round robin group based on
points will play a final game to determine which team will be champion.
• Bracket of 12: Played as four groups of three. Each team will cross-over and play the three
teams in the opposite group. The winner of each round robin group based on points will play a semifinal game to determine which team will play a final to determine the champion.

Ties in qualifying games will not be broken. The following criteria will be used to break ties when
teams are tied in qualifying points:
1. Results of head-to-head competition;
2. Goal difference (total goals for minus total goals against; NO LIMIT on goals scored or allowed
per game);
3. Total goals scored (total goals for; NO LIMIT on goals scored per game);
4. Ties between teams when only 1 team advances: FIFA shootout
5. Ties between teams when both teams advance (for seeding purposes): Coin flip with
representatives of both teams present
6. A coin toss may be used to break tie-breakers or determine winner in the event teams are tied in
all tie breakers or game could not be completed before half time or at all.

Any team forfeiting a game will not be eligible for advancement to playoffs

• Finals: FIFA shootout; no overtimes
• Participation in penalty kicks: Only players on the field at the end of regulation may participate in
the taking of penalty kicks. All other players, spectators, etc. must remain on the sidelines. Only the
coach may enter the field to join the team, with referee permission.

• 11-a-side games: 7 players
• 9-a-side games: 6 players
• 7-a-side games: 5 players
• 4-a-side games: 3 players
• The above number of players is required to start or finish a game

• U6 - U7 No more than 8 players
• U8 – U10 No more than 12 players
• U11 – U12 No more than 16 players
• U13 – U20 No more than 18 players
All players up to roster limits may dress to play.

If in the opinion of the referee a player deliberately heads the ball in a game, an indirect free kick
(IFK) shall be awarded to the opposing team from the spot of the offense. If the deliberate header
occurs within the goal area, the indirect free kick shall be taken on the goal area line parallel to the 
goal line at the point nearest to where the infringement occurred. If in the opinion of the referee a
player does not deliberately head the ball, then play should continue.

No player from either team can touch the ball while it is in the designated goal
area. If a defensive player team touches the ball while it is in the designated
goal area, a free kick from 5 yards outside of the goal area is awarded to the offensive team. If
an offensive player touches the ball while it is in the goal area, a goal kick is awarded to the
defensive team. If the ball comes to a stop in the area, a goal kick is awarded to the defensive team.

• Substitutions with referee permission in ALL cases
• USSF substitution rules apply, as modified by USYSA
• ALLOWED FOR BOTH TEAMS: goal kicks, after a goal, halftime
• ALLOWED FOR ONE TEAM: throw-ins, possession team only, stoppage due to injured player
(injured player only); yellow cards (player who received card ONLY).

• Water breaks may be taken during the play of all games
• Referee and both coaches should agree prior to a game when and how long water breaks
should be
• Water breaks will only be allowed with the referee's permission; the clock WILL NOT STOP
during a water break

• Teams must be at their assigned field 15 minutes before scheduled game time.
• Teams must be ready for inspection by referee and/or field commissioner.

• All games START at the time shown on the schedule
• NO GRACE PERIODS will be allowed

• All players shall wear numbered jerseys as they enter the field, shorts and socks of like color which
distinguish them from the opposing team and the referee.

• Each team must have an alternate color jersey in case of color conflict
• The first team listed on the schedule is the home team and must change jersey colors if deemed
necessary by the referee. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit.

• Player numbers must be on the final roster submitted at team check-in. Players must wear their
assigned jersey number in all games.
• Changes in player jersey number must be reported to the referee prior to the start of each
game; no number changes will be allowed after a game has started.

• Home team (1st team listed in a pairing or top team in a playoff tree) must provide the game ball
for all games.
• Home team has 1st choice of side of the playing field for their team. Supporter will be located
on the same side of the field as their team.

• The game schedule is final as published
• No changes will be permitted without the consent of the Tournament Director.

• WINNER or HOME Coaches will be responsible for turning in all game reports to main tent for score
• Referees will conduct safety checks prior to game start.
• Games will not start without an official game report.
• Game reports must be signed by both Coaches.

• Player receiving a red card is banned from that game and the next game (1 game suspension)
• 2nd red card to the same player results in that player's suspension from the tournament
* If a player is issued a red card due to fighting, the player will no longer be able to participate in
the tournament.

• Player accumulating 2 yellow cards is suspended for the next game (1 game suspension)
• A player accumulating 1 red card plus 2 yellow cards will be suspended from the tournament

• Above disciplinary rules apply to tournament games only, but...
• Cases of serious misconduct will be reported to a player or team's governing association and
club for follow-up action.

• Referees are required to report all disciplinary actions taken before, during and after the game
on the official game report.
• All cases of serious misconduct must be reported immediately following the game after which the
serious misconduct occurred

• All referee decisions are final during the course of a game.
Player age verification challenges will need to be done before the game ends by game referee.
All coaches must provide player cards (virtual cards accepted) upon referee request.
Protests will NOT be allowed after the game.

• The tournament directors have the final decision over field conditions and game cancellations
• In case of rainouts, games will be rescheduled if possible, within tournament time constraints
• If games need to be rescheduled after a weather delay, game times may be shortened to get
games played.
• All games stopped due to inclement weather, will be considered complete if the game was
stopped at any point in the second half.

• A game must be played beyond the 2nd half kickoff to be considered a complete or an official
• Any game not played beyond the 2nd half kickoff will be reviewed on a case by case basis by
the tournament committee (excluding rainouts)

• This event is open teams affiliated with US Soccer including those registered through US Club
Soccer, American Youth Soccer Organization, Soccer for Youth as well as US Youth Soccer state
• Each player must have a current signed and laminated player ID card available for inspection by
tournament officials at the site of each game in which the player participates
• Each Player must have a signed (parent and/or guardian if under 18) medical release form
• There are No Limits on guest player limit. All players must be on your Got Soccer roster to play
in this tournament.
• All teams will be required to input all players on their tournament got soccer roster.

• The wearing of hard casts, whether padded or not, will not be permitted in tournament

A team withdrawing from the tournament after being accepted shall forfeit its entry fee. In the event
of inclement weather, the Tournament Committee has the authority to restructure or cancel the
tournament. It will not be rescheduled for another date and no refunds will be issued once play has
begun. If the tournament is cancelled prior to the start of play, a refund minus expenses will be
distributed. No refunds will be given after games have begun.

All complaints must undergo a 24-hour waiting period before being submitted to the Headquarters
Tent. Complaints must be registered in writing and include the following:
1. Date and time of occurrence
2. Detailed description
3. Player # and team name
4. Coach’s signature


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