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Frequently Asked Questions

Developmental Soccer Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Program Information

Q. What age groups can play in the Developmental Soccer Program?

A. All players whose birth years make them U4-U11..

Q. How many games are played each season?

A. In the fall season there are 7-10 games and in the spring season there are normally 7-8 games.

Q.  What times are the games?

A.  Games start at 8am and can be scheduled all day until 6pm. Game times will vary for your games week to week.

Q.  Where are the games played?

A.  Games and practices are held at Bear Creek Park. In the event of a park closure, an alternate location will be used.

Q.  When does the season start?

A.  The fall season begins after Labor Day. The spring season usually begins the last weekend in February and ending mid-late May.

Q.  When will the game schedules be available?

A.  The schedules are issued as soon as possible and are generally available the Wednesday before the first games. The game schedules and all updates are posted on our website.

Professional Skills Training

Q.  Are Developmental Soccer Program players professionally trained?

A.  Skills training sessions run by professional trainers are offered to all players, focused on improving players’ technical skills.

Q.  How many professional skills training sessions are included?

A.  For all Developmental Soccer Program players there are between 7-10 weeks of training in Fall and 7-8 in Spring. U4-U6 will have one 60 minute session per week during the season. U7-U11 will have two 60 minute session per week during the season. 

Q.  If I don’t want skills training, can I still play?

A.  Yes, at registration select ‘League Only’ and you will be part of a team led by a volunteer that practices together and plays in the Developmental League.

Q.  What happens if only some of the players on a team want professional skills training?

A. We will try to form complete teams with players that select professional skills training. When this is not possible, we will discuss the options with the affected players and their coach. For U7 and older players, it could be possible to attend one skills session per week and one practice session with the team.

Q.  If I select ‘No Training’, how many practice sessions will my team have each week?

A.  The number of practice sessions, and the duration of each session, is dependent on the age of the players. U5-U6 players are automatically enrolled in Skills Training. U7-U11 players practice twice a week, for 60 minutes each session.

Q.  When and where are skills training sessions, volunteer practice sessions and games held?

A.  All skills training and practice sessions are held at Bear Creek Park on weekday evenings. Skills Training, Volunteer practice schedule and game schedules will be posted online under the Developmental tab. Games will be played on Saturdays, but some games on Sundays may be required.


Q.  How much does recreational soccer cost for per season?

A.  The cost varies by age group, and depends upon whether a player selects professional skills training when they register. See our Developmental Soccer Program Registration page for details.

Q.  Do I have to pay for the whole season in advance?

A.  For players that select professional skills training, a payment plan is available. Paying for the season in advance offers a significant discount, but the payment plan offers a lower initial payment at registration, with three further installments during the season.

Q.  Can I make cash payments?

A.  No. All payments must be made online using a credit card or e-check.

Q.  How can I make payments if I chose professional skills training with the payment plan?

A.  As you register for the payment plan, you will enter a credit card or e-check details in your account for automatic payments - the initial payment will be made at registration, with three further installments during the season.


Q.  When can I register my child?

A.  Registrations are online at our website under the Recreational tab. Online ONLY.

Q.  What else do I need to register my child?

A.  All players must provide a clear, legible copy of a birth certificate or passport along with the registration form and payment. Registration is not complete until these items are received.

Q.  How do I register?

A.  Please register online; the registration page is found under the Recreational tab on our website. Please note that registration should be completed by mid-August for the fall season and by mid-January for the spring season.

Q.  What is my registration fee used for?

A.  The club manages all field maintenance, schedules all games, provides referees, insures all players, supports coaches licensing, as well as paying state and national dues.

Team Placement

Q.  When will I get called/emailed by the coach?

A.  At least 2 weeks before the season starts once a coach has volunteered to coach the team.

Q.  Will my child be placed on the team he was last season?

A.  We will honor all returning players’ roster spots if they register during the Early Registration time frame. After the Early Registration deadline, we do not guarantee his/her spot in the same team.

Q.  Can I select request a particular team for my child?

A.  Yes, we try to honor all player and coach requests. You can request a team in the “Notes” section of your registration.

Uniform & Equipment

Q.  When will I get my uniform?

A.  The Developmental Soccer Program uniform will be a NIKE uniform available to purchase at Soccer Centre (Clay rd & Highway 6). Uniform must be purchased separately.  

Q.  What do you need to play soccer?

A.  Soccer cleats, shin guards, ball, plenty of water, and a desire to have fun!

Coaches & Team Managers

Q.  Do coaches get paid?

A.  No. All of our coaches are volunteers.

Q.  How is a coach selected for the team?

A.  All parents are encouraged to volunteer. A parent from the team must volunteer to coach.

Q.  What happens if no one volunteers to coach?

A.  First, we will encourage the team join our Skills Training program (extra fees apply) as a substitute for team practices. A volunteer will still be needed to manage games. If there is room on other teams, we can try and place players on teams with coaches. If all other teams are full, we will refund the registration cost.

Q.  I want to help the club, but I cannot coach and I do not want to be a board member. How can I help?

A.  On the registration form there is a section where you can volunteer to be a team parent, help with field maintenance, assist at tournaments, referee, or be a financial sponsor. In fact, we would be glad to have your assistance! For more information e-mail general[email protected]

Q.  My child did not get on the team we wanted, what can I do?

A.  We try to honor all player and coach requests. The main objectives of our team formation are to create parity among the Texas United teams and continuity from season to season. In addition, the team might be full or we did not receive the registration form in time.

Q.  My child played for a coach that we did not get along with. Can we be placed on a different team?

A.  Yes. Place a note in the note section when you register online or on the registration form.


Q.  Can I get a refund?

A.  There are NO REFUNDS unless your child is not placed on a team. Refunds that are granted by the Board of Directors will be mailed to you shortly after the season starts. If you feel there are extenuating circumstances concerning your particular case, then please address your situation by contacting the Board of Directors.

Club Contact

Q.  Who do I contact if I have a soccer related question or issue?

A.  You should first talk over all soccer related items with your coach. If they cannot answer your question or resolve your issue, please contact our Club General Manager, Christina Olvera:

Q.  When and where are skills training sessions?, practice sessions and games held?

A.  All skills training and practice sessions are held at Bear Creek Park on Friday evenings. Your will be contacted and informed you of the proposed schedule. Games are usually played on Saturdays, but some games on Sundays may be required. U8-U10 girls may play in a league with teams from another club - which will result in some games being played away from Bear Creek Park. All other recreational teams play all of their league games at Bear Creek Park.


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