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Adidas Uniform Policy

Texas United Futbol Club Uniform Policy

Official Uniform Vendor
Texas United Futbol Club (TUFC) has entered into an agreement with Adidas to serve as TUFC's official uniform vendor, effective June 1, 2020. All TUFC teams shall wear Adidas uniforms as designated by TUFC exclusively--at all league, cup, and tournament games and training sessions by August 1, 2020 as detailed below.  New kits are now available for purchase. 

Purchasing Policy
Every two years, all teams will be required to purchase a new uniform kit. Purchased uniforms must be worn for the following two years in both league and tournament play for each team's respective Soccer Association.

Player uniforms shall be fitted and purchased at Soccer4all online or in person at the Copperfield location.

Competitive Kit: Division-1, Super-2, Division-2, Division-3, and Division-4 (U9/10 HYSA).

• Home Jersey – Adidas Black (Striped)
• Away Jersey – Adidas Grey 
• Training Jersey – Adidas Yellow
• Short – Adidas Black
• Socks – Adidas Black
• Back Pack – Adidas Black

Recreational Kit: Recreational teams (U5 – U10)
• Home Jersey – Adidas Black
• Away Jersey – Adidas Grey 
• Short – Adidas Black
• Socks – Adidas Black

Cold Weather Kit: All TUFC Teams
• Black Adidas Pant
• Black Adidas Jacket

Coaches / Trainers
• Adidas Training Shirt
• Adidas Training Shorts

Uniform Policy
Training jersey will be worn at all training sessions: Adidas Yellow training jersey, black shorts and black socks. Players have the discretion of wearing black shorts and socks other than those provided for games to reduce their wear (at training sessions ONLY).
Game uniforms will be worn for ALL games: League, tournament, state cup AND Scrimmages/Friendlies. Jersey, Shorts, Socks (all TUFC Kit).  


• Training:   backpack, training uniform as noted above, water, shin guards, cleats, warm-up suit as required for the weather.
• Games / Tournaments / Friendlies: The FULL TUFC Uniform Kit – Both game jerseys, game shorts, game socks, training jersey, and warm-up suit.  Plus water, shin guards, cleats, and other weather-appropriate necessities
• Proper Wear: Jerseys (training OR game jersey) MUST BE FULLY TUCKED IN AT ALL TIMES -- NO front tucks or side tucks allowed.   This is part of presenting a professional, ready-to-play appearance and it is also part of the discipline we expect of our players and teams.
• Bags: Equipment bags should be lined up parallel to the sideline at games and training.
• Undergarments: If a player chooses to wear undergarments that will be visible, such as long-sleeved shirts under the jersey, compression shorts, etc - these must match the color of BOTH the jersey and shorts (white for white jersey and shorts; black for black jerseys; black for black shorts). 
• Note that FIFA (the international governing body for football/soccer) recently modified its rules to mandate that undergarments match the game shirt and short colors.
• ONLY Goalkeepers may wear long pants; field players may only wear under-shorts. 
• Compression or fitted shirts (long or short-sleeved) may be worn under jerseys or shorts. No sweatshirts are to be worn under game jerseys or practice shirts.
• Cold-weather accessories:  it is acceptable for players to wear “field gloves” and either headbands (to cover ears) or knit caps. The Club colors are allowed. No hard-billed caps or visors are permitted on the field.
All TUFC teams, regardless of competitive division, shall adhere to the following guidelines regarding the decoration of uniforms.
• “Decoration” includes all numbering, lettering, logos, or patches applied to any piece of kit by heat-transfer, screen printing, embroidery or any other method.
• The uniform of every player of any given team shall bear identical decoration.
• No decorations other than those outlined below shall be permitted.
• TUFC Crest: All jerseys shall bear the TUFC crest on the left chest.
• Numbering
o All jerseys shall bear squad numbers on the center-back in a font and color designated by TUFC.
o All shorts shall bear squad numbers on the front right leg of the shorts in a font and color designated by TUFC.
• Player names
o At each team's discretion, and for an additional cost, player names may be displayed across the back shoulder of the jersey in a font and color designated by TUFC.
• Patches
o Only official patches are allowed: patches required for play in specific leagues are allowed, and should be added to the front leg of the shorts; patches due to achievements at the state level or higher are allowed, and should be added to the left sleeve of the jersey. 
• Team Sponsor Logo
o A sponsor logo not to exceed 4” in height and 4” in width may be displayed on the right sleeve of the jersey.
o Sponsor logos shall be screen printed, in one color:
o White jerseys shall bear black logos.
o Black jerseys shall bear white logos.
o Each team shall be solely responsible for the cost of applying sponsor logos to their jerseys.
o The design of a sponsor logo must be approved in writing by TUFC before being applied to jerseys.
• Club Sponsor Logo: the front torso of each jersey shall be reserved for the application of a club-wide sponsor logo as determined by the Club, the cost of which will be borne solely by the Club.
• Backpacks: Backpacks may bear the TUFC crest, and may be embroidered with the team nickname, player's name, and/or player's squad number.

• Any requests for variances from this policy must be submitted to and approved by the Board of Directors of Texas United Futbol Club.

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